22nd of May Special Stream

22 May 2013 is one of the most important days in my life, and today I'm happy to announce a special stream dedicated to it! But because 22 is in a Thursday this year, the stream will be on the 24th.
So, this will be diffrent from what I'd normally do. The mix will be more artist focused in the first hour, so hope you like what I used to listen to in 2013 :D After this I will return to something closer to my normal. Also, I might do some giveaways. Maybe. I'll decide that during the stream.
The stream will be at 7 PM BST and it will be around 2-3 hours long, I still don't know as the setlist isn't finished. It could end up being 4 hours long, I don't know, but I'll try to keep it under 3 hours. Anyway, see you there!
I'll post a detailed story later for that crazy guy who will read it, maybe on 22.

RSVP here: http://www.mixify.com/ice-trance/event/22nd-of-may-special


Live DJ Set — Collab With TCABxl

Hello everybody! Those two people who are reading this...
So, I'm doing the first DJ set for the TCABxl streams. He started a project to help small DJs to be known. Anybody can do a mix and send it to him, with only 2 rules:

  • must be 1 hour long (+/- 2 minutes)
  • must be EDM (simillar genres accepted)
The stream will be on February 15th, Saturday, 9pm GTM, at http://thetcabxl.accudio.com/. See you there!

I'll upload my mix on Mixcloud after the stream, so if you miss it go to ''Music'' and search for the Mixcloud link or just click here.


Live Your Life

   So, here's the album! With an unfinished song, an accidentally deleted one (probably the best), 4 new songs (2 of them are remixes) and 4 older ones... That's definitely not how I thought it will be.
   Anyway, the album! It was a lot of hard work! And my PC made it even harder. I've had enough of doing everything 2-5 times slower. And the best thing, I had to finish 5 big school projects 'till the begining of this month. But I managed to finish everything in time! Somehow...
   I think I should stop talking about my problems and say something about the album. I'll put a player below, if you want to listen to it while reading this.

   Loncé, probally my favourite song from the album. Soft, calming, with a simple 4-chords ambiental synth, some background drums, acompanied by a synth/piano and some bass notes, everything at a low volume. It could be edited better, but I didn't realize that with only one channel on. (if I play more channels at the same time my PC crashes)

  ''Classic'' is... "classical". The classic result of the first song, made just for fun. When I opened the studio I wanted to do some Drumstep. I ended up with a Cello line and a "Mottown Guitar" sample, then I recorded some piano notes and automatized the volumes. I literally didn't put any effort in it, just 3 hours playing the piano and 2 other hours of arranging the samples and automatization.

   tNce was the first song made entirely by myself, no loops, no preset MIDIs. It's inspired by Λ→И's Tracer. I wanted to do something progressive and that was the only style I could think of after making the first part.
It's interesting that I composed that song but never noticed something before. I'm listenig to tNce while typing this and it starts to sound diffrent. It could be just because it's 3am, but I hear something in the synth that gives me the feeling of an Ambient song.

   Take a Risk is the first song I actually put effort into. I wanted to start working with +Shahid Munawar and I did an instrumental for one of his songs, "Song For the People". It was in the times when I didn't really know how to produce music and I was still using samples for the parts I didn't have ideas for. So I did the song that now is named "Take a Risk" and, I don't know if just because of the bass — that I was thinking of replacing with something darker but I never told him that, don't know why  he said that it wasn't what he was hoping for and everything ended then. Another problem with this collaboration would've been to find someone to sing the lyrics. So, yeah. Well, I hope we will work togheter sometime. I always like to read his posts, even though I didn't have time in the last months. You should definitely check his blog, Views Of A Depressed Soul.

   Enjoy Your Life, a repetitive Funk song made entirely with loops. It's... I just wanted to do something funky. The hard guitar parts were just for making the song diffrent and weird. Yep, that's the way I was thinking about my music when I started. But it does not sound that bad. It could actually be a good song, and I will surely make a remix of it in the future.

   So here I am, at 5am, finishing the last thing for the release of my first album. It could be a lot better, but I'm just at the beginning. For the first time in the last month I have some free time. I have to find something that I'll do instead of sleeping. Now where's my bed?

"Live Your Life, the rising of new producer, from the first shitty song to the somewhat better ones made at the end of 2013."
     Buy it on Bandcamp
     Download the free version