Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Cookies are small files that store data on your computer, usually used to improve your web experience. This site no longer uses any cookies directly, however third-parties like Google and MailChimp will still generate them. Please refer to their respective policies for how they’re used.

In the past, this site used to use cookies to keep your custom player playlist when changing the page and to let you download the items you bought. After buying something, a cookie that acts like a pass code was stored on your computer. When you got to the download page, it checked for that cookie. If you had it and it contained the right information, it let you pass. These expired 25 hours after you purchased an item.

But her emails!

I don't even look at your email addresses. I don't give them to anyone and I don't use them for anything other than sending you emails. If you subscribe for content updates, that's all you'll get from me. I use MailChimp to manage email distribution, you can read their privacy policy here.

License Agreement

My work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Exceptions may apply.

This means you are free to share and adapt my work as long as you use the same license and provide appropriate credit. Things to keep in mind:

  • You can use my work commercially or noncommercially.
  • You cannot reupload or resell my work without adding your own creative content.
  • You cannot claim my work as your own.
  • You should credit me by name (ICE Trance). You can refer to me as “they,” “she,” or “Saira.”
  • You should provide the name of my original work and a link to it or this website.
  • I’d love to see what you come up with, so please send me a link to your project!


If you wish to remix my music or play it in your DJ sets, films, videos, or any other type of content that you make, here’s a template you can follow to credit me in your description:

Please note that my own remixes are not covered by this agreement and you should check the original artist’s license before using them. Additionally, since the only way to monetise my music on YouTube was to Content ID my own videos, you will also not be able to monetise videos using tracks released prior to 2015. New releases remain unaffected by this and are completely royalty free.

For more specific info regarding their respective policies, here is a list of the distibutors I have worked with in the past:

Amuse covers the distribution on the most popular platforms for the album Lost Signals.

RouteNote covers the distribution on most worldwide stores and social media platforms for the album Level Up Book I and subsequent releases.

Audiam covers the YouTube distribution for the albums Level Up Book I and Live Your Life, and the singles Konkai (Remix), Rail Enthusiast, and Dubscream.

Creative Commons Licence