ADHD Life Tracker

2021 · Kotlin · Android App open →

With this simple tracker, you will finally have answers to questions such as ‘When did I last take my pills?’ or ‘Did I just spend twelve hours eating breakfast?’ or ‘Have I showered this year? Like, at all?’ Well your bathroom is foggy, so five guesses on that one.

But for everything else, just glance at this app and you’ll know exactly when was the last time you did an activity and for how long. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be glad to find no annoying alarms or minigames that’ll make you procrastinate more. Just the recorded data, and you decide what to do with it.

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Google Fixed Tab Order

2019 · JavaScript · Chrome Extension open →

If you have built-in muscle memory for where to click on the ‘image,’ ‘video,’ ‘map,’ or whichever tab in Google searches, but now keep misclicking because they’ve decided to dynamically reorder them based on which ones are more likely to be needed, well this extension is the ‘fuck it’ solution to that. May take a second to reset the buttons’ order, so maybe don’t rush to click before the page loads.


FTC RoboTel Source Code

2017 · Java · Robot open →

The code used to run our robot during the 2017 FIRST Tech Challenge. Or rather, what I could find of it. Includes files from multiple versions and people. If you’re my employer, I can absolutely guarantee my professionalism while working on any project. The RO027test.java file is definitely, absolutely, in no way part of that process and is utterly irrelevant, so no need to waste your time looking at it. I don’t even know why it’s there at all. Ahem.

For anyone who wants to try it out on their own robot, these files are located in

Robot Controller #HaveAWank

Single-phase Rectifier

2016 · HTML5 · Learning Aid open →

A simple browser-based application explaining and demonstrating the functionality of half-wave and full-wave rectifiers, both in 2-diode and 4-diode configuration. Made in about 20 minutes, before spending the following 2 hours faffing about in Photoshop. My idea of skipping homework.

CSS3 JS JavaScript Redresor Monofazat monoalternanţă dublă alternanţă cu punct median în punte

ICE Trance’s Factorio Extensions

2014 · Lua · Factorio Mod open →

Made during versions 0.9.8 to 0.11. Expanded on the Uranium Power mod before nuclear reactors were added to the game. Might also include a tank that once glitched out and only travelled at fifty million chunks a second, and a plane that could hover without actually being a VTOL. Probably a bunch of other tiny tweaks. This was my way of fixing various issues witht the game, before the devs made it the definition of perfection itself and 100% bug-free.


Undercover Cop

2014 · HTML/PHP · Website Template open →

My very first webpage design and introduction to programming, redesigned for a video game idea. Great for anything with a retro look. Comes in both classic HTML and modular PHP variants.



2014 · HTML4 · Website Template open →

Originally served as the homepage for the BloonQuest project, a video game developed by fans of the electronic music duo Approaching Nirvana. I was but a dribble of spunk back then, reaching far beyond my knowledge and abilities. Just like the project itself, it is a horrible mess of code bodged together with no real understanding of how any of it works. Unlike the project, it wasn’t cancelled before it even began.